Organic!!! Not Just Business, It’s Lifestyle

The need to embrace a more sustainable approach in food production is growing rapidly with the global population. In order to feed world population, growing more and more food out of limited cultivable land; we started introducing chemicals to the land at an alarming rate in last few decades. This incautious act has resulted in climate change, global warming, water and land pollution, loss of biodiversity (flora as well as fauna), compromised human as well as animal health.

This very apprehension about the basic need for food which is being ruined at an alarming speed, fortified global concern and many countries, farmers begun turning to organic farm management practices. A small step towards sustainability and healthy lifestyle has made far difference in billions of lives in last two decades. Still organic farming occupies approximately only 1.5 % of total global agriculture land.

Why Organic ??

Organic comes as a completely natural and sustainable alternative to conventional farm management practices which crave for chemicals and result in distressing side effects on ecosystem, human and animals. The holistic approach of organic farm management practices emphases on healthy social, economic, ecofriendly and sustainable nurturing.

Organic Agriculture relies upon few common principles put forth by IFOAM being known-
Principle of Health

Healthy soil, plants, animals, humans i.e. a healthy planet.

Principle of Ecology

Emulating and sustaining natural systems.

Principle of Fairness

Equity, respect and justice for all living things.

Principle of Care

For the generations to come.

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